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Collection: SGC

Why choose SGC?

SGC is a cheaper and faster option than PSA and BGS. With a price of 235kr and a delivery time of 2-3 months, they are sharp against their biggest competitors. An SGC-degree card may sell for less than a similar card from BGS or PSA, but the SGC-degree card is still far more valuable than the same card in a raw version. Instead of seeing SGC as a third wheel, SGC should be seen as another skilled grading provider.

SGC runs their business with manners, and was perceived as the best grading alternative to PSA and BGS in the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak. There have been a few childhood diseases along the way, but the benefits of using SGC easily outweigh the disadvantages now that they seem to have arranged things.

SGC is a very popular choice in terms of getting older sports short graded

The benefits of using SGC:

1) Fastest delivery times compared to PSA, BGS and HGA

2) Cheaper than PSA and BGS (last updated 30.12.21)

3) Simple and Elevew Design

4) The sales value of an SGC-degree card is more valuable than the same card in a raw version.