What cards can one Grade?

  • You can in principle Grade all cards, but all cards may not increase in value.
  • Rare cards, with popular names are always a good thumb rule whether you collect on Pokemon cards, sports cards or cards such as Marvel or Garbage Pail Kid cards. A rare map is in our view a map where you know that not many cards have been produced, such as Secret Rainbows or "Case Hits" from Sports ALWAYS CHORT you know are not produced in the same amount as ordinary cards - these cards should be graded and preserved.
  • We degrees from time to time card because they have a special personal meaning to us. It could be short as we have had since we were kids, or maybe because we gather at a particular player or a specific pokemon. For example, we have a special love for just Pikachu. Not all Pikachu cards are so much worth it that it makes sense to graduate, but we do it anyway because it is fun and because it is for our private collections.