How to pack your cards?

  1. Protect your cards in a pennySleeve and a toploader / semi-rigid.
  2. If you have "Grading Bags" or "Team Bags" you can take a smaller stack of cards and seal in your bag. - Don't use Team Bags for each card - Pack your cards in piles!
  3. Take a smaller stack of cards and place a piece of cardboard on each side of your cards and fasten with tape.
  4. If it is to be perfectly optimal, you now put some plastic (bubble plastic) about every pile you have made with cardboard about your cards.
  5. Continue this process until you're done.
  6. Find an appropriate box and put your cards in the box.
  7. If there is air in the box or the possibility of your cards being able to move, fill the box with plastic or newsprint.
  8. Write address at the box and order shipping from the company you want.
  9. Please write your order number on your box so we can easily identify the box upon receipt.
  10. We strongly recommend that you always send packages with tracking.