The grading process

On this page you can read more about what travel your cards are on when they need to be graduated with PSA!

This page is divided into two areas that first describe the process of us (Letsgradecards) and afterwards the process your cards are through with PSA.

The process at Letsgradecards

Step 1: Selection of Map

Selection of the cards to be sent to grading are as a collector and investor some of the most difficult for the entire grading process. There may be a sea of ​​considerations that underlie your choices. Our recommendation at LetsgradeCards is that you choose with the heart. Research can help you a lot on the road in terms of which cards make the best sense to choose.

Step 2: Order on our website!

Once you have selected your cards to be graduated, make an order on our website. First you choose which company your cards should be graduated with. Once you have selected Grading Company, choose which service type they should be graduated on. Typically, you pay more to get your card home faster. At PSA, the services we offer "Bulk", "Value+", "Regular", "Relate" and "Dual Grade" are called - You can read more about the individual service types under questions and answers (

Once you have selected your service level, place the number of cards in your basket you want to Grade. The more you place in your basket the cheaper the price per card! - Our website even calculates your quantity discount for you. You can see our discount staircase here: And here:

When you are done then access your basket and go through our payment module, enter your information so we can send your card back when they are done and pay. It is also possible for you to choose that you would like to pick up your order when it is done at matraws in Kbh or matraws in Odense. Once you have paid, our system sends an order confirmation out to the email you entered in your order.

Step 3: Send or hand in your cards

Once your cards are ordered at our webshop, you must send or hand in your cards to us. If you choose to send us your cards, we prefer you to use GLS and use a parcel shop (see in -depth description for this under "Question & Answer). Since we are not at our address all the time, it can give us operating disorders with" home delivery ". We pick up cards from GLS 1-2 times a week.

Our address/r can be found at the top of the page question & answer.

You can also use one of our partners who can take cards for us. See more info on the hotspots page.

We pick up cards at our hotspots 1-2 times a month, typically in connection with a deadline.

Step 4: When we receive your cards

When we get in possession of your cards, whether they are sent via ordinary shipping or delivered to a hotspot, we will take a picture of your package and send you an email confirming that we are now in possession of your cards.

Step 5: Video Document

When we open your package, we are video moving the process and uploading your video to a folder in our cloud infrastructure.

As we finish a given submission for all customers, we will send you a link to your mail which gives you access to your video and overview. We will send this link when we are done and therefore there may be some time since we have received your package until you receive your mail with your video and overview! - It's perfectly normal!

Step 6: Overview

After we have video documented your order, our team sits and enter your cards in PSA's system. We will follow PSA's naming of maps to produce an overview of your cards for you. Your overview will be placed in your personal folder in our cloud infrastructure.

Step 7: Packing for Shipment

When all our order is safely handled, we pack all cards for shipping where we use UPS to transport our cards for grading.

Step 8: Tracking on the website

When your cards are sent with UPS we will update the status of the tracking page - Here you can follow the process of your cards, by finding your order number. We update our website with all the knowledge and info we have, so often and often our time permits. If an order is not updated for some time, it is because we have no new knowledge or info to share with our customers.

The process of PSA

Step 1: Receiving Order (Delivery)

Our order arrives at PSA in the US, where our package starts with lying in their huge warehouse that receives thousands of packages on a daily basis.

Step 2: Scan of Package (Arrival)

On our package there is a label like PSA scanner. When this is done we are told by PSA that our package has arrived.

Step 3: Order Intastery (Order Entry)

Our order is reviewed and entered in PSA's internal system. An order number is allocated and our personal information is removed. This eliminates the potential for bias throughout the grading process at PSA.

Step 4: Certificate Number (Certificate Numbers)

On each card in our order, a certificate number is placed. This number follows your cards throughout the process and will stand on your "label" when the card is finished and "slabbed" of PSA.

Step 5: Research (Phase 3) (Research Department)

Research is an important part of grading and also fills a lot with PSA. PSA reviews all of our cards and ensures that the naming is entered is correct, so the right thing to stand on our "labels".

Step 6: Grading (Phase 4)

Our map becomes one by an analyzed and evaluated by PSA's professional degrees.

Step 7: Label (The PSA Lighthouse Label)

When our card is completed in the grading department at PSA, they move on to their label department that prints all our labels.

Step 8: Assembly (Phase 5) (The Sealing Department)

PSA now takes our cards, as well as the associated label and places both in their PSA holder. Here, the PSA holder is welded together under ultra-high-frequency sound from both sides, so that the plastic blends together, in a so-called "Sonic Welding" machine. The card is simply sealed completely inside the holder and you now have a "slab" - this is called "slabbing".

Step 9: Quality Check 1 (Phase 6) - (Grade Check)

When all cards are "slabbed" they are received for first quality control. Here is another degree that checks our cards and verifies if the assessment of our card is correct. If there is conflict in this part of the process, PSA rewinds and makes parts of the process of providing a high level of service. If, as a customer on our website, you find that an order is the style of the style in this phase, it may be because an error has been found during a quality check.

Step 10: Quality Check 2 (Phase 7) - (Quality Assurance)

After the first quality check, there is another quality check that checks the PSA case and our label for errors. As in step 9, delays in the process may occur if errors are detected, which must be corrected before they can move forward in the process.

Step 11: Price Check

PSA now checks if our map is within the limit (price - also called MAX DECLARED VALUE) at the service level you have chosen. If PSA considers that you are over the border, they send an email to LetsgradeCards and ask for written acceptance to accept their "Upcharge". (Upcharge means that one is greeted with an extra bill)

If LetsgradeCards are greeted with Upcharge from PSA, we write an email to the affected customer. As a customer, you must give us written acceptance that you will pay the extra bill. If you choose to say no to your "Upcharge" PSA takes one's card out of his PSA holder and sends the card home without it being sealed. One's original grading fee is still being drawn.

Step 12: Return Shipment (Phase 8) - (Shipping)

Our card is now packed and sent back to LetsgradeCards.
FedEx picks up our order and transport it back to Denmark!

Step 13: Returning Map - (Received by LGC)

When LetsgradeCards receive an order from FedEx, it can take us up to five working days to process the entire order. If we are extraordinarily busy, it can take up to 10 working days to complete the process!

If we have an extraordinary amount of time available, we can find a live stream on our YouTube channel. We show your cards but we tell never Who the owner is!

When we are completely done with our processing of your cards, we will hand them back to you, based on the delivery method you chose when you placed your order on our webshop, at the beginning of the process.