Can you explain the grading process?

  1. Select which cards you would like graded - do you need assistance then - if you need a lot of assistance, we typically take some payment for our time, but we think we are super fair.
  2. Pack your cards and send them properly.
  3. Access the website and buy the number of cards you wish to send to us.
  4. We will receive your cards and send you a link to a video documentation and a list of which cards you sent us. This always happens before one's card is sent to grading, but it may well be long before you receive your video documentation and overview of cards sent.
  5. We enter your cards in the correct submission system.
  6. One's card is gently packed in the correct row rim.
  7. When all our internal procedures for secure handling and documentation are completed, your cards are sent with UPS. If you have paid for insurance, your cards are insured in this process.
  8. Once the grading company has received our shipping or an update is made in one's submission, the website's "Tracking" is updated - this can be found under "More Info".
  9. When one's card is received at LGC, the website is updated. Shortly thereafter, your cards will be sent back to you with GLS to the nearest parcel shop, or handed over to matraws in Kbh or Odense according to your choices - you will be notified by mail when your package is ready to be picked up.
  10. When your cards are sent from LGC, an email is sent to you with your tracking number - when your package is ready for pickup you will receive an email from GLS.