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Collection: HGA

Why choose HGA?

HGA (Hybrid Grading Approch) is a new and modern grading company that uses modern and sophisticated technology to help human degrees, give some sharp and stable grading.

HGA has what it takes to compete against the very biggest companies on the market because HGA is faster than most: It takes about 45 working days to get a card back from HGA at their absolute slowest service level. This quick time you can only get from LetsgradeCards because we are official partners with HGA!

Until now, Grading companies that PSA, BGS and CGC have always had to use only people for the assessment process itself. The disadvantage is that two different people can give the same card different characters because of the different ways they each look at the card.

HGA Grading has chosen to use a digital character system instead of the traditional model. They have done this by creating a sophisticated software solution that they say scans, analyze and judge maps with pure objectivity. In order for this not to stand alone, there are always two different people who look at the card to confirm that the nature of the AI ​​is correct. HGA says their ultra-high resolution scanner looks better than a magnifying glass and is able to spot stains the size of a dust grain.

Send safely your favorite pokemon cards, basketball cards etc for grading at HGA!