Collection: PSA grading

Why choose PSA?
PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) is one of the world's oldest and most recognized places to get its cards. Whether you collect sports, pokemon, Marvel, or something else that has to do with exchange and collect cards, they can be sent to PSA for an assessment.

Why choose HGA?
HGA Grading has chosen to use a digital character system instead of the traditional model. They have done this by creating a sophisticated software solution that they say scans, analyze and judge maps with pure objectivity. In order for this not to stand alone, there are always two different people who look at the card to confirm that the nature of the AI ​​is correct. HGA says their ultra-high resolution scanner looks better than a magnifying glass and is able to spot stains the size of a dust grain.

Included in the price:
Grading your card at PSA or HGA
Shipping turn/return 👍
Customs handling 👍
Saving on membership at PSA or HGA
Handling and processing your card 👍
Receiving overview of all the cards you have sent 👍
Video documentation on your cards 👍
Ensure that your card is in the correct submission type 👍
Properly entering cards 👍
Ensure that the cards are properly packed and in the correct order
Table overview
The estimated delivery time (working days) commences when PSA has registered than submission (phase 3)
Product name Price from Estimated delivery time MAX DECLARED VALUE
HGA 225 kr 45 days 1,000,000$
HGA Horizontal 300 Kr 45 days 1,000,000$
HGA Custom Label (Option for Grading) 100 DKK
Bulk (TCG)
190 Kr
65 days 199 $ / card
Bulk (Sport/TCG) 210 Kr 65 days 499$ / Map
Value+ 369 kr 20 days 499$ / Map
Regular 625 kr 10 days 1499$ / Map
Booster Packs 450 Kr 70 days 499 $ /package
Dual Grading 300 Kr 75 days 499$ / Map
Insurance per 1000 kr 15 Kr 65 days

Quantity Discounts:
Do you want to send a "crooked number" that may not just fit into our standard boxes?
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1-4 cards 0%
5-9 cards
10-19 cards
20-29 cards
30-49 cards
50-99 cards
100+ cards